4 Google ads alternatives for companies and cryptographic projects

4 Google ads alternatives for companies and cryptographic projects


Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) is without a doubt one of the most popular online advertising platforms in the world today as it is powered by Google, the world’s most popular search engine. Google Ads is a PPC (pay per click) platform, which means that advertisers only pay if their ads are clicked. Ads are great for getting targeted traffic from people searching for information, products, or services on Google.

However, Google Ads has a strict cryptocurrency advertising policy which may not be suitable for marketing cryptocurrency companies and related projects. In 2018, Google banned all cryptocurrency-related ads. Nevertheless,
this decision has been revised in favor of stricter terms for advertising related to cryptocurrencies. Since then, crypto companies that don’t abide by Google’s strict rules on crypto advertising have settled for alternatives. We’ve taken the time to explore and list some of the best Google Ads alternatives so you don’t have to:

  1. Social media advertising

Google is not the only company that has restricted advertising for cryptocurrencies in the past. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn did so in 2018 and 2019, respectively. However, it is still possible to advertise crypto products and services on Facebook and other social media sites if you have the knowledge and experience to understand the social media advertising policy for crypto products and services.

The power of the internet and social media in particular is undeniable right now. Approximately 60% of the world’s population (more than 4.7 billion people) use social media, which means that the platforms cannot be ignored. You can review current advertising policies and have a solid professional social media crypto advertising strategy that understands the eligibility requirements that companies like Facebook use when identifying legitimate crypto advertisers, but it will take a lot of time and energy to get right. However, there is an alternative. Experts can advise you on social media platforms to use, licensing, and other signs of acceptability that social media companies update over time. Your work will save you hours of precious time, which you can then use on more profitable and important matters.

  1. SEO for cryptocurrencies

SEO is a great alternative to any online advertising platform. In fact, SEO is the best way to drive organic traffic to your crypto site, products or services. Almost all Internet users around the world trust
on Google to search for information, products and services. SEO allows website owners to rank their sites higher in the Google search results pages or SERPS.

But SEO for crypto businesses and projects is very different from normal SEO. First of all, you need to understand cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in general. If you decide to do SEO for your cryptocurrency business or project, we suggest you turn to full-service digital marketing, or first work on understanding blockchain technology, the cryptocurrency enthusiast mindset, and other aspects that are critical to launching a marketing successful online. Campaign. .

  1. Cryptocurrency advertising platforms

There are several reputable websites in the world of cryptocurrencies that have their own advertising schemes. You can use these platforms to launch your cryptocurrency company or advertise your project. Many cryptocurrency exchanges, cryptocurrency forums, and cryptocurrency news sites allow all kinds of cryptocurrency advertisements for their users. Advertisers don’t have to worry about strict ad placement rules like Google Ads. They may also like the existing audience interested in cryptocurrencies, as long as they choose a popular platform.

However, the platforms may have a limited audience. If you want to promote an ICO (or Initial Coin Offering) to the masses, crypto advertising platforms can be restrictive. Its specific and limited scope, geared towards the cryptocurrency industry, is perfect for specific offers only.

  1. Influencer Marketing

You can also work with crypto influencers to promote your crypto company or project. Instead of paying for online ads, you can choose one or more influencers whose audience matches your ideal customer base and allow them to promote your cryptocurrency business, product, or service.

However, they must be chosen carefully. You will need an influencer that resonates with your brand, project and target audience. You will also need a budget. Major crypto influencers like Vitalik Buterin and Anthony Pompliano are worth more than niche influencers with smaller audiences.

In short, Google Ads can be effective, but not for all companies and campaigns. And it is a good idea to consider hiring a professional Google Ads manager to run effective campaigns. The rise of crypto-related scams and poor validation by most crypto investors are to blame for the approach that Google and other tech giants have taken against crypto advertising.

It is clear that crypto companies need alternatives. While you can still run some crypto-related ads on Google if you follow their strict advertising policy, there are better alternatives for crypto marketing. We hope that our alternatives to Google ads for crypto businesses and projects will be useful for you and your business. We believe that people can achieve what they want, and if you believe that you can do it on your own, then we trust you. However, in our own experience, this type of industry benefits greatly from professional marketing agencies given how limited they have become in recent years. You have to learn to jump through hoops and navigate the rules if you expect your business to be successful, and that’s not for everyone. Good luck!

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