5 things to keep in mind before buying a new laptop

5 things to keep in mind before buying a new laptop


Which laptop is the best? There’s no clear answer to this question. Every person has different needs and every laptop targets a specific set of consumers. That is why there are so many laptops in almost every price range and this often confuses people.

These laptops come with different sets of specifications, features, size, design and of course price. Which laptop should you buy depends on what your requirements are.

We are listing five things you must keep on mind before buying a laptop so you can make the right decision.


Before purchasing a laptop, it is crucial to fix a budget. It does not make sense to explore laptops and then skip them after you realise its price is way higher than your budget. In every price bracket, there are a number of options available from multiple brands, so your budget doesn’t limit your power to choose.

Processor and RAM

The processor in a laptop defines its capability and the RAM ensures smooth multi-tasking. Most laptops come with an Intel or AMD CPU and while I personally prefer a laptop powered by an Intel processor, you can go for an AMD chip based on your usage. Intel’s Core i3 chip is generally found in entry-level laptops, whereas the Core i5 is found in the majority of the mainstream systems.

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If you do not have much use of a laptop, you can consider an i3 laptop with 4/8GB RAM or an i5 laptop with 4GB RAM. For intermediate usage, you can stick with Core i5 laptop coupled with only 8GB of RAM. However, if you have truly heavy usage, the Core i7-based computer is the way to go and you can push the RAM to 16GB if your budget allows.


Most of the laptops these days come with a 15.6-inch screen but there are also a lot of systems that come with a smaller 14-inch display. If your work requires a lot of travelling, you should consider the smaller form factor as it is generally lighter and comes in your backpack easily. The larger display is suitable for those who use it for entertainment purpose or do not require to travel with it every day.


More the storage, the better. Laptops with 500GB and 1TB hard disk drive (HDD) are quite common these days. However, with the advancement of smaller lightweight laptops, solid-state drive (SDD) are more popular. The SDD is faster but often come with lesser storage. So, do not forget to consider storage as per your requirement while buying a laptop.


Without a good battery, your laptop is only as good as a desktop system. You would not want to rush to the charging socket just hours after you take it out. Your laptop should at least give 4-6 hours of battery life. Eight hours of battery is considered good.

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