Daniel Dennis Liberia Activist

Daniel Dennis Liberia Activist


Daniel Dennis Profile

Daniel K. Dennis is the Founder and President of the Students Against Corruption (SAC) established in 2014 and became functional in 2015, is the student led organization dedicated to fighting corruption. He leads the youth of world efforts in educating, preventing, Investigating and reporting all alleged acts of corruption. He is a former Global Youth Ambassador at THEIR WORLD an International organization that is championing for a better education for all children. He is also an Integrity and Anti-Corruption Ambassador. Currently, Daniel Dennis is the Country Director of the Eve’s Grace Scholastic Innovation (EGSI), an initiative founded by Liberian Novelist Mrs. Kebeh G. Acquah based In the United State of America which is empowering kids and Youth through sponsorship, Education and Mentorship. He holds a High School Diploma from the New Hope Academy where he served as Students Council Government President in 2016; he earned five certificates from the Crossroad Emerging Leadership Program an online initiative of the Harvard University in 2018. On March 20, 2021, he earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Technology from the Blue Crest University College in Monrovia. Daniel volunteered for many local and international organizations including the Center for Liberia Future, International Board Member at Anti-Corruption International and the Young World Leaders for Humanity as International Vice President. He has also won two prestigious awards which including Integrity Icon Award-2020 from YUG NET-LIBERIA and Integrity Icon Award 2021 from Smart thinkers- Liberia.


Daniel Dennis grew up with my parent and Christ was always on my mind and doing the right thing matters a lot to me. I spent most of my educational life attending the New Hope Academy on Peace Island where I learn a lot about leadership until in 2013 when my parent got marriage and move to their new home and I was told by my parent that I had to change my school and I was encourage to attend the Heart of Grace High School very close to me, I passed the entrance and my parent pay my entire fees, at the Heart of Grace High School I experienced the worse form of corruption I couldn’t obtain my rightful grades because I refused to pay in exchange for grades there was nothing I could do about it, .

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