New State, New Start: Advantages of buying a new sofa when you move

New State, New Start: Advantages of buying a new sofa when you move


Moving to a new state can be trying at best. Between trying to make time for trips to find a new home, packing your current residence, and arranging to sell or end the lease, such a move is stressful in the best of circumstances. With everything else that must be managed, it can be very tempting to leave your furniture behind and start from scratch.

There are actually a lot of really good reasons you should ditch the old and get new furniture delivered to your new home. Here are just a few.

Save on moving costs without wasting money

Especially if your sofa is far from new, it probably isn’t financially sensible to move your furniture. A sofa is often the largest piece of furniture in a home, and it takes up a lot of room in a moving truck. Leaving older furniture behind saves you a lot of money on moving costs, and you’re not spending any money you wouldn’t have already had to spend in the near future.

Even if your sofa is in good condition, selling it instead of moving it can be beneficial. Selling a complete living room set at a reasonable moving sale price could be applied to buying new furniture in the new location, and you’ll be saving those moving costs to boot.

Getting a new sofa better suited to the new home

Not every sofa fits well with every home. If the style of your current furniture and the style of your new home clash, you might want to start over with a new sofa. For example, you might not want the same furniture in a dry place like Arizona that you would in a cold and wet place like Michigan.

Changing household needs

If you’re moving to a new state and a new home, it is very possible your household is changing as well. Whether you’re moving in with your parents or in-laws, children are moving out to start their lives or their educations, or you are growing your family through birth or adoption, your furniture needs to adapt to your household’s needs.

Any time you have a household change it is a good idea to evaluate whether or not your current furniture will continue to meet your needs. There is no sense in paying to move a sofa to another state only to replace it weeks or months later. Better to sell the furniture you have and buy a new sofa and chairs when you arrive at the new home.

The fun of choosing a new sofa

If you do it right, searching for a new sofa for your new home can be a lot of fun. When you shop online you have so many options that you might be overwhelmed at first. As you browse, you’ll be able to narrow down which styles, patterns, prints, and colors you like the best.

If you really don’t know what type of sofa you should get for your new home, a little bit of research into the popular home decor styles of the region will give you a place to start. If you want to have the most options for a new sofa, sectional, or loveseat, browse the sofas from this catalog.

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