The best technology products of the decade: the opinion of the editors of Engadget

The best technology products of the decade: the opinion of the editors of Engadget


How was the vote and clarifications

Choosing the best technological product of the decade is a complex task: due to the number of launches, due to the differences between sectors or simply because assessing the influence of one product over another is relative.

So our criteria has been to ask the expert editors of Engadget to list ten devices that they consider should appear among the most relevant , in order from highest to lowest importance. After collecting the votes, we have ordered them and asked them to tell us the reason for their highest rated choices.

Nintendo switch

“After the failure of Wii U and the life-saving bombshell that was 3DS, Nintendo seems to have had it clear: to unite the concept of the screen and the remote into a single, portable one . The Nintendo Switch was born .

But he did not stop there and offered us the most versatile portable console in history , with the Nintendo brand permeating all the Hardware and software, which although at first somewhat scarce, enjoyed infinite quality (only ‘Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ that was reason enough to have the console)

Being able to take a laptop this powerful with you anywhere is a joy that has now been amplified with the arrival of the Switch Lite. Although for me, a large part of the revolution that the console has brought about is precisely the fact of being able to have it connected to the television and at any time throw yourself on the bed and continue playing . “

Google Chromecast

“Cheap and useful. Google hit the mark with the Chromecast and therefore sold millions of units. Thanks to it, thousands of televisions could become ‘SmartTV’.

The Chromecast helped the expansion of Netflix and other streaming services, and it also gave us an excellent experience on what the connection between devices really means . Open the mobile, press a button and see it bigger.

The applications industry adapted and thanks to it, Google began to form the ecosystem of connected products that we have today. A very simple device to use that even now, despite having passed so many years, is still a recommended purchase for many users . “

Amazon Echo

“This decade that is ending has been that of voice assistants : their birth, development – which still has a long way to go -, emergence and in recent years, their arrival in our homes with the goal of achieving the smart home Regardless of how smart (or not) the voice assistants of Apple, Google and Amazon are, the role of Jeff Bezos is unquestionable.

Amazon was not the first to launch into the race, but when they did, it was at cruising speed: creating an ecosystem tailored to our home with Alexa as the center of everything , in its evolution, its expansion to other countries and the launch of new models, for those who wanted something simple, for those who find it more intuitive to use a screen, for those who seek sound quality …

The tip of this iceberg is its Echo Dot, the quintessential model and best-selling smart speaker . “


“The AirPods are not one of the products of the decade because of the quality of their sound, neither because of their good integration with the devices to which it is connected and nor because of their copied design ad nauseam.

AirPods are one of the products of the decade because they have pushed the technology industry to abandon cables for audio connectivity in consumer electronics , to abandon the jack connector.

Courage, Phil Schiller said, was the reason they were ditching the jack plug on Apple smartphones. That September 7, 2016, the Apple executive was clear that the way to abandon the connectivity by cables in audio accessories was not going to be easy, “courage” was not just a word for the marketing of the company, Phil had part of reason that it took courage. Minutes later they presented the AirPods. Years later, time has proved Apple right, wired headphones no longer have a place in the next decade . “

Tesla Model S

“Although the Model 3 that arrived somewhat later has become the benchmark in recent years in this area, I believe that its predecessor, the Tesla Model S, has a fundamental relevance in promoting both Tesla in this market and to push all manufacturers to seek their future outside of vehicles with combustion engines.

Not only because it posed a much more serious, ambitious and consolidated bet than that of an almost testimonial Tesla Roadster, but because with it came all the collateral effects of the Tesla phenomenon: from its supercharger infrastructure to those assisted driving modes – which many of us confuse with autonomous driving – which also made us dream of that future autonomous electric car that would be the next great transportation revolution.

Its success, which made it almost a viral product, was the real trigger for Tesla’s current situation. “

Xiaomi Mi Band

“There are dozens and dozens of quantification bracelets on the market. Many brands and models are invading the market but none offers as much for so little as the Xiaomi Mi Band .

We are now in the fourth generation and they have all gone a little further. It must be among the most relevant gadgets of the decade for having been able to bring the bracelets to everyone . And they must not have sold few units. That’s for sure.”

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