The Simpsons predictions for 2022

The Simpsons predictions for 2022


The Simpsons predictions are one of the topics that usually always surprise us. His prophecies – sometimes cryptic, sometimes frighteningly literal – have been the subject of controversy and even rare proposals, such as the English casino’s Platin Casino, which announced a call on workers to hire and pay € 5,000 an analyst from The Simpsons series to view over 700 chapters that are in the animated series to find data that will allow us to predict what might happen in 2022.

While new revelations are being released (and it should be remembered that they predicted Covid), we did an exercise on what the show could predict (fingers crossed, the HR department of the aforementioned British casino, read it and ask us for a resume.).

Web food

As things go with the predictions of The Simpsons, in 2022 (or very soon) someone will consider launching virtual food (they will definitely accept bitcoins). The nineties episode of The Simpsons (19 of the sixth season) showed an envisioned future located around those years in which, in addition to smartphones and the Zoom prototype, Homer and Marge had a device that allowed them to have virtual holograms. Hopefully in 2021 there will be a digital pizza that doesn’t get fat.

2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar

Some disbelieving fans of the series and predictions have stated on various forums that at the next World Cup (which we hope will not be canceled due to another health emergency) Brazil will receive “help” from the judges, which the local religion will have a lot of interference in the competition, and the most serious that there will be acts of violence and even the death of the player (one of the pending predictions in the series, which aired in the 2014 episode). In addition, conspiracy seekers assure that the grand finale of this world championship will be the match between Spain and Brazil (note), a match that will take place at some point in the same chapter.

Cities isolated from Covid-19

In a recent real-life episode last November, a local rebel group isolated a Burmese city called Lisa to cope with the rampant COVID-19 situation. During the event, which lasted several days, no one could leave or enter the area, which brings us back to the days of the animated series, the city of Springfield was fully recognized as the most polluted population on the planet (of course, because of Homer), in 2022, if the coronavirus will spiral out of control, do not be surprised that this prediction came true exactly in the city, the epicenter of which is located in a more dangerous way than is known.

Flying cars

In one of those futuristic episodes that make us think the writers of the show are visionaries, the show warned us about flying cars – well, that’s been said in all science fiction, from Blade Runner to The Jetsons. Worryingly, The Simpsons gave an approximate date (around those years), and a 2005 episode titled “Future Drama” shows a car that flies. Yes, just like the Jetson One, an aircraft they just unveiled in December that is expected to start selling more suitable ones in 2022 and which you could buy if you have around $ 92,000 in collateral …

Gun bans in the United States

While this is still a long way off, the truth is that the debate over the indiscriminate sale of weapons in the United States is more fashionable than ever after an unstoppable wave of spontaneous assassins (the conspirators will say it is MK Ultra) in schools. and massive events in the country. The state of California recently issued a federal order prohibiting high-capacity ammunition stores. Yes, there is an episode of The Simpsons in which all weapons are destroyed, a utopia used by the aliens Kang and Kodos to invade the earth, since all weapons are prohibited and we have nothing to defend with. We may not see this in 2022, but this is one of the predictions that seem to be coming true in at least some places and promises to be a trend in 2022 (Lovecraft’s alien invaders are knocking on wood).

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