Tips for real-time betting

Tips for real-time betting


In the case of live betting, the odds are continuously adjusted to the course of the game, which is why the betting must take place particularly quickly. Nevertheless, the same applies here: never act rashly. We give tips on how fans of live betting can minimize the risk. Source:

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1st tip: follow the change of the betting odds

Bookmakers always adjust their odds to the current course of the game, because they have to put down the game time still to be played and, of course, the expected result in the odds. Whoever is faster than the bookmaker here can make a lucrative bet for himself. That is why the split-second tip is so important.

2nd tip: Live betting on tennis

This is particularly evident in live betting on tennis, because here the odds change after almost every rally. A break especially provides a quick change. If the favorite wins his serve, then the odds go up and if the underdog loses it, then they go down.

3rd tip: Favorites in tennis

As particularly successful had turned out to bet in a live bet on a tennis favorite, which currently has problems to find in the match. Because then the bookmaker will increase the odds and still there is a great chance that the player will find back to his old form and into the game and can quickly turn the match.

3rd tip: react quickly in case of a goal threat

Some bookmakers tend to simply close the odds when a goal is in the air. Especially when it comes to special bets such as yellow card or corner bets. Therefore, a player must react particularly quickly here. Anyone who is a customer at bwin, for example, is probably familiar with the “One-Click” betting system. Here, the bet is placed with just a single click, so a customer can use this particularly fast bet placement to his advantage.

4th tip: Follow the match with livestreaming

Bet365 is known for its live streaming offer. Whoever is a customer there should also ideally follow the encounter of his live bet with the video stream. This way, he is able to react particularly quickly to changes and place one or the other lucrative tip.

5th tip: Look for bookmakers with particularly lucrative odds

Of course, the rule of thumb also applies to live betting: the higher the odds, the more financially worthwhile the bet. Therefore, betting providers that offer particularly attractive odds for live betting are especially lucrative. In addition to bet365, these include Unibet and Tipico.

Tip 6: Build up expertise on an ongoing basis

If you want to successfully place live bets, you must also have the speaking expertise, the right instinct and the necessary speed. Unlike in the PreMatch sector, however, it is not necessary to analyze statistics. The tip is mainly based on gut instinct, but without background knowledge nothing goes here either.

7th tip: Prefer single bets

Combination betting tickets or system betting tickets are not appropriate for live betting, because the creation of the ticket takes so long. Therefore, players should focus on single bets.

Conclusion: live betting promises a lot of fun and excitement

It is not without reason that live betting is considered the supreme discipline by many sports betting enthusiasts. Who wants to be successful here, however, must bring not only expertise, but also a certain experience. After all, the tip was still much faster and it depends, among other things, how quickly the tip is submitted. After all, the player must react immediately to the changing game events and betting odds.

A shortcoming of live betting is that the betting odds are almost always significantly lower than the bets in the PreMatch area. Thus, live bets bring a lot of fun and excitement, but are less lucrative and bring less profits. In addition, betting often has to be based on gut instinct. However, with the right strategy and the right chosen bookmaker, lucrative bets can be made here as well. The excitement lies in the fact that the bettor knows within only a short time whether his tip was successful. With a good live betting provider, the winnings are also paid out within a very short time. In summary, this means that the optimal live betting provider has a wide range of betting options, offers good odds, a streaming offer and can also convince in all other test criteria.

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